MAD MAX Wood Table

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Table with base in titanium (GFM11), bronze (GFM18), graphite (GFM69) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel, Brushed Bronze orBrushed Grey lacquered steel. Version “A”: top with angled edges in Canaletto walnut (NC), Heritage oak (HR), burned oak (RB) or natural oak(RN). Version “B”: barrel top with angled edges in Canaletto walnut (NC) or burned oak (RB). Version “C”: top in Elm open pore matt black(OLM73) with Brushed Bronze lacquered and rounded lower profile. Version “S”: top with irregular solid wood edges in Canaletto walnut (NC),burned oak (RB) or natural oak (RN). “Masterwood” version: boat shaped top in Canaletto walnut (NC) or Burned Oak (RB) made of diagonalwooden planks of different sizes. Oblique and rounded edges.




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A 240x120x76h
A 300x120x76h
B 250x128x75h
B 300x128x75h
C 250x128x74h
C 300x128x74h
S 240x120x75h
S 300x120x75h
M 250x128x76h
M 300x128x76h


Titanium (GFM11)
Bronze (GFM18)
Graphite (GFM69)
Black (GFM73)
Brushed Bronze
Brushed Grey


Canaletto Walnut (NC)
Heritage Oak (HR)
Burned Oak (RB)
Natural Oak (RN)
OLM73 – Brushed Bronze