PLANER Keramik Round Table

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Planer is not just a modern living room table, it is a design table that subverts the relationship between horizontal and vertical elements, enriching the dining room with unusual horizontal and oblique volumes. Planer is a family of modern tables with a great variety. You can choose between several top materials and many finishes for the steel base. The Planer glass table was at first conceived with painted steel legs and glass top, evolving later into the Planer Crystalart version, with a glass top decorated with an artistic printing. We then move on to Planer Keramik and Planer Keramik Premium, both with a precious-looking ceramic top. The latter has a lacquered and rounded lower profile, which embellishes the ceramic top. In addition, the Planer Wood wooden table has a barrel top with angled edges that can have a lacquered and rounded lower profile. The Planer Masterwood has a more complex design, with diagonal wood planks and rounded edges. The family is completed by four round tables: Planer Round with glass top, Planer Wood Round, Planer Keramik Round with ceramic top and Planer Ker-Wood Round with an external wooden portion and a ceramic center.

Table with base in titanium (GFM11), bronze (GFM18), graphite (GFM69) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel, Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey. Top in ceramic Marmi Alabastro (KM02), Supreme (KM03), Ardesia (KM04), matt Golden Calacatta (KM05), glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06), matt Portoro (KM07), glossy Portoro (KM08), glossy Sahara Noir (KM09), Emperador (KM10), Makalu (KM11), Breccia (KM12) or Arenal (KM13).

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Graphite (GFM69)
Black (GFM73)
Titanium (GFM11)
Bronze (GFM18)
Brushed Bronze
Brushed Grey


Ceramic Marmi Alabastro (KM02)
Supreme (KM03)
Matt Golden Calacatta (KM05)
Glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06)
Matt Portoro (KM07)
Glossy Portoro (KM08)
Glossy Sahara Noir (KM09)
Makalu (KM11)
Breccia (KM12)
Arenal (KM13)