Roll Keramik Table

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Table with titanium (GFM11) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel legs and details in black chrome steel (06). Top in ceramic Marmi in Calacatta (KM01), Alabastro (KM02), Ardesia (KM04), matt Golden Calacatta (KM05), glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06) or Zinc Brown (KZ01).
3, 4 or 5 legs depending on the table size. 3 version with with 1 big and 2 small legs, 4 version with 2 big and 2 small legs, 5 version with 2 big and 3 small legs.

Table Height: 75 cm

See below for available dimensions

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3 ø158x75h
4 240x120x75h
4 240x120x75h sag.
4 300x120x75h
4 300x120x75h sag.
4 300x150x75h oval
4 320x138x75h sag.


Black (GFM73)- Black chrome steel (06)
Titanium (GFM11)-Black chrome steel (06)


Ceramic Marmi in Alabastro (KM02)
Supreme (KM03)
Matt Golden Calacatta (KM05)
Glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06)
Matt Portoro (KM07)
Glossy Portoro (KM08)
Glossy Sahara Noir (KM09)
Makalu (KM11)
Breccia (KM12)
Arenal (KM13)
Corcovado (KM14)
Kaindy (KM16)
Matt Borghini Calacatta (KM18)
Glossy Borghini Calacatta (KM19)